The Riyasat

Authentic & Traditional Indian Food

Our Vision

We want to deliver the taste of Traditional & Authentic dishes of India to everyone. Our food has a lot of variety & we are working to give a pleasure of variety on your plate. So you can feel the oasis of deliciousness into your mouth.


What We Offer

Private Events Catering

Experience the vibrant flavors of India at your private event with our exquisite catering.

Fine-Dine Restaurant

Elevate your dining experience with our fine-dine atmosphere and authentic Indian cuisine made from fresh ingredients.

Corporate Event Catering

Make your corporate event memorable with our authentic Indian cuisine and impeccable catering service.

Takeout Restaurant

Order from our takeout menu for an easy and delicious way to enjoy authentic Indian cuisine at home.

Wedding Catering

Create an unforgettable wedding experience with our exquisite Indian cuisine and personalized catering service.


Join our successful franchise and bring authentic cuisine to your community with our restaurant model.

Service Available

Meat Cutting

We have an in house meat cutting service available for customers.

Bulk Food

We sell bulk food for franchisee.


We take pride in serving food full of authenticity chosen among the vast cuisine of India. With a wide array of speciality dishes innovated and designed by our chef to bring out the richness of indian flavours and brighten up the taste buds. Customer satisfaction and courtesy is a ritual at Riyasat. Our staff exceeds limits to represent the best of the best, world class service.

Event Catering

Our chefs are specialized in cooking best Indian Cuisines. We servers a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines for parties, events and other occassions.

Ready to Order...

Our catering’s versatile chefs can accommodate any type of event with food from our extensive menus or even prepare specially requested dishes with the highest quality food on site. Treat yourself and your guests with our delicious food.