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Construction Services

Dreaming of owning your own Indian cuisine restaurant? Join the Riyasat family through our franchise opportunities. We provide comprehensive support in the construction of new franchises, including site selection, design, and layout in accordance with our tried and tested Riyasat theme. Our expert team will guide you through every step, ensuring a smooth launch of your own Riyasat Sweets & Restaurant. We equip you with the tools, recipes, and operational practices needed to succeed in this exciting venture.

Laal Maas

Meat Cutting

For local restaurants and markets requiring high-quality, precisely cut meats, Riyasat offers professional meat cutting services. Our skilled butchers handle a wide range of meats, adhering to both safety standards and client specifications. We ensure the freshest cuts, ideal for culinary uses ranging from traditional Indian dishes to contemporary recipes, all tailored to your business needs.

Bulk Food

Riyasat is proud to offer bulk food supply services, perfect for large events, catering companies, and other restaurants. We provide an extensive selection of bulk foods, including grains, spices, pre-prepared dishes, and our signature sweets. Our bulk offerings ensure that your establishment is stocked with the finest ingredients, making every meal an unforgettable experience for your customers.

Indian Dishes